Earlier this week, the Samsung fan site SamMobile published a list of devices that would and would not get updated to the next version of Android. As expected, every high end phone to come out in 2012 is due to get the update. The two year old Galaxy S II however, it’s only going to get Android 4.2.2.

After that, it’s not going to receive any support. For some strange reason, a lot of you are pissed off by this. I’m having an incredibly difficult time trying to understand what you expect in terms of product support. The GS2 shipped in Q2 2011. It’s likely going to get Android 4.2.2 at some point in Q2 2013. That’s two years of updates. Is that honestly not enough for you? I used to own an iPhone, specifically an iPhone 4. I bought it during September 2010. It shipped with iOS 4. Soon it got updated to iOS 5, and then some time after that it got iOS 6. Do you have any idea how slow that thing got? I’d bang out full sentences on the touch screen, only to be left waiting for said sentences to appear in their respective text fields. App loading times were ridiculous, and don’t even get me started on the battery, which I couldn’t swap. So please, cry me a river, your GS2 is going to be “stuck” with a version of Android that HTC has yet to even bring to their 2013 flagship smartphone, the One.