When I say “Samsung”, the company’s newest flagship device springs to mind. But do phones like the S4 and Note 3 really make up the bulk of Samsung devices currently in use? The ad network Chitika recently published some numbers about the advertising they served to Samsung devices during the month of December. According to their data, the Galaxy S III made up 34% of all Samsung phones used during that month. The Galaxy S4 was responsible for a little under 28%. And if you combine all three generations of the Galaxy Note, they made up only 13.3%.

Moving on to tablets, one would think that 7.0 inch models would be the most popular since they’re cheaper and more portable, right? Turns out that’s not the case. Samsung’s 10.1 inch tablets made up a hair over 53% of all Samsung tablets in use, whereas the smaller 7.0 inch models took up 40%. Note that this data is Samsung specific, so tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are not included. If you add those, I’m sure you’d see that 7.0 inch figure increase dramatically. Now that we have all this information, can we come to any conclusions? Yes, the Galaxy S5 is going to be an extremely important device since it’ll hit the market when millions of Galaxy S III owners are up for a contract renewal. And phablets, while they sure get a ton of attention from the press, they aren’t actually all that popular in North America; Korea is obviously a different story.