Google Glass, which hasn’t even launched yet, is the talk of the town because it’s so fundamentally different than any other device that has come before it. But do everyday people need to see their incoming emails and tweets appear out of the corner of their eye? Probably not. Don’t let that make you think Glass is useless, however, because one firefighter is making apps that are downright amazing.

Patrick Jackson from North Carolina has written Glass applications that alert him when a fire has been called in. His Glass will also tell him how to get to the fire and locate the nearest hydrant. In the future, he wants to integrate building plans and car schematics so he and his team can find their way through a burning building or take apart a car to rescue the people trapped inside. So Glass is obviously useful in a professional setting, the video above should convince you of that, but I’m still skeptical about it gaining acceptance among the masses. Smart watches, sure. Smart jewelry, such as rings, awesome. But a full blown heads-up display just to see who is calling you? Seems like a bit of overkill, no? We’ll find out more about Google Glass later this year. Hopefully Google will say how much retail units will cost, because the prototype floating around now command a price tag of $1,500. That’s easily two high end smartphones right there, for what’s essentially nothing but a smartphone accessory.