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1 It sounds as if it is full of water, but bookworms can now read it in their bathtubs. (6,5) 6 Inspired by a Bento box, designed by Big Blue, defined by a red dot, this notebook turned 25 in 2017. (8) 7 About three years, about three hundred employees and they became number one in India’s smartphone market. (6) 8 The relaunch of an iconic feature phone at MWC 2017 paved the way for the comeback of this legendary phone brand. (5) 9 Oh, Mi Gawd! He went to Facebook. (4,5) 11 The 3310 made news, but it was this feature phone that sold like hot cakes in India. (3,5) 14 Not content with being a brand, it decided to create a new country too – Selfiestan. (6) 15 Moto’s buddy also decided to go with skinless Android. (6) 16 Slow down phones intentionally as batteries grow older. That’s thinking uncomfortably different. (5) 17 After a Notably fiery 2016, they rocked 2017 by making an Ostrich dream of flying. (7)


2 No, darlings, for God’s sake, do not call this phone the X. (6,1) 3 Android’s daddy created the most Essential phone of the year. No, really. (4,5) 4 The app address for anonymous messages and comments. (7) 5 It made fun of Apple for getting rid of the 3.5 mm audio jack last year. It got rid of it itself in 2017. Ok, Google! (5) 10 What do you do when you take the bezel off the top of a phone? You put the selfie camera on its chin. (2,3) 12 They do not like settling, so they went straight from 3 to 5 and 5T. (7) 13 The display aspect ration went 18:9, and these went almost zero. (6)