1 The new Apple Watch has got this sort of SIM for connectivity. Cool, eh? (10) 3 So it was this that helped in the wireless charging on the new iPhones. And it went right on the back too (5) 5 It is not just for looking at. In the new Apple Watch, it also has antennas for connectivity. (7) 7 It is the king of smartwatches and its crown has a touch of this shade now! (3) 8 The Six core A11 chip is also this. (6) 9 There’s no place like it, but oh gosh, this button has gone missing for the first time on the iPhone! (4) 11 No it is not pronounced ‘ecks.’ And it is an iPhone. (3) 12 Let there be special light, said Apple for portrait mode! (8) 14 Face it, this is the way to unlock the iPhone X (4,2) 15 My God, the selfies on the iPhone X now have got this mode as well. Blurry! (8) 16 An emoji that is mapped as per your face. Ahhhh…we told you the answer already! (7)


1 That top panel on the iPhone X? Looks odd, but then it has these many special hardware components (5) 2 Ole, we finally have this display on an iPhone! (4) 4 When Apple puts power on the Mat, this is what happens. (3,5) 6 It is not quite there, but with a kit, this is the sort of Reality Apple seems to be betting on. (9) 10 The chances of a random person being able to unlock your iPhone X using Face ID. One in this many. (7) 13 It’s Ok. There are only these many Ks in the new Apple TV. (4) Akriti Rana contributed to this post