1 Nature calling? Want to answer but have no room to take the call? There’s an app for that loo…er…too. 3 Type on it. Write on it. Write on paper. It accepts them all. What a true Yogi this one is. 7 They are such a reliable name that a lot of reliance was placed on them by people who relied on them to disrupt the Indian telecom market. You bet they did. 10 They just wanted to sell ten thousand phones when they arrived in India in 2014. Oh me, oh my! 12 “To shave or not to shave” was the question this brand’s co-founder was asking on Twitter. 13 The Land of Gold. Oh yes, and also a phone brand. 14 He ain’t Beethoven, but he performed at Opera and is now composing Vivaldi.


2 I may sound censorious, buddy, but I am the one that switches off the display when you put your phone to your face for a call. 4 What is measured using f-stops 5 It is easily the most peaceful sounding phone interface around, never mind the fact that some find it too cluttered and confusing. 6 If you are giving me a OnePlus 3, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white. Sure, but what about…well, grey? 8 Eat your heart out, iPhone. I got both jet black and black on my back. Hah! and I am the stuff of which displays are made too. 9 The new touch on the MacBook Pro. And yes, we were so wrong about calling it a stunt. 11 Forget Nougat, we are waiting to literally get our hands on an update to this version of Android, and are growing weary too.