1 The reality that lay behind most of Google’s announcements at this year’s I/O. (9) 3 Question a Cupertino company asks and tries to answer in latest ad campaign. (3,6) 6 June 13 sees the return of the brand that many thought was more finished than Finnish! (5) 7 No Nougat perhaps for the second flagship killer? So much for Never Settling. (7) 11 Low cost Motorola device gets a soft launch? See! (3,1) 12 Is it a briefcase? Is it a backpack? Is it any of our biz, Bobby? (5,3) 13 People in India spend seven times as much time on this as compared to television. A cell out? (6) 14 It is not just AC DC that got back in Black. So are you! (6)


2 Andy Rubin’s new phone is so irresistible, it sounds as if it is a must. (9) 4 It would have been better off with some Nougat or at least Marshmallow, but the poor J3 Pro was fobbed off with this sweetie! (8) 5 A phone with Zen that bets on beautification? As Asus would like it, folks. (4) 8 The Redmond road ahead to redefine indoor navigation? This app could be on it! (4,5) 9 Coming this Diwali (October 19), perhaps 100 GB of data at less than USD 10! (3,5) 10 The LG G6 so reminded us of someone so originally Bond. (7) 13 The new tech from NVIDIA that could make gaming laptops so much lighter! (4)