1 You don’t have to say “Ok Google” for assistance on Huawei phones, if rumors are to be believed. (2,9) 4 It started out as a DVD rental service, and is now streaming 70 percent of its content on TV, as per reports. Quite a flick for this Net service. (7) 7 Oh Mi Gawd! And now smart dishwashers too. (5) 9 For a week or so, this Nintendo character will guide you to your destination on Google Maps. As long as you take a car! (5) 11 India is ripe for Wi-Fi mesh systems, though he sounds like something out of the Marvel universe. (7) 13 What P has borrowed from X, going by the preview. (5) 14 Making a (Wanle) case for a nineties gaming device on your iPhone. (8) 15 Wanna know what’s in your snap on Google Photos? Fear not, this trusty glass is coming to all Android devices soon. (5,4)


2 Kick Started project for device to connect to your iPad’s audio port, helping you on the write path. (5,3) 3 It might leave marks on the floor but it has got FKA Twigs dancing and rearranging her house. (7) 5 Before you call it dumb, don’t forget it’s second edition could cure your smartphone addiction. (5,5) 6 Want a different view? The online cricket channel that lets you toggle camera angles! (5) 8 Not a breath of REALLY fresh Air, but this book could get into the retina zone. (7,3) 10 The new alphanumeric way of marking your address on Google Maps! (4,5) 12 Android Wear could have a new name…sorta. (4,2)