1 “Stop copying me, Facebook and Instagram!” 4 By name, these phones are part human anyway. 7 Really bright colored, this concept browser. 8 “Four thousand lattes please!” 9 The reception gate to controversy for the iPhone 4 13 Forget the abuse, I have plenty of character. In fact, 140 characters. And am thinking of increasing them. 15 Six Ns bring this brand back to life. 16 Prince thought it rained in this color, but it actually was the code name of a divine phone.


2 The river that flows into the e-shopping ocean. 3 The notebook with the red track dot. 5 Tina once again, said the iPhone display. 6 Bhatt seriously, I got the Indian cricket captain. 7 Bar One chocolate already has what most Android phones do not. 10 Lock codes are so old school – show them this to unlock your device! 11 Lots of flowers = bouquet. Two cameras = ? 12 Honey, Mi shrunk them bezels 14 Connect this way or that way. This “bus” goes both ways.