3 Pro at Procrastination? You need this tool, Mac! (10) 6 It ain’t a Chromebook, but it makes Homework fun. (4) 7 Chipping out of Macs in the coming days. (5) 8 Cracking down on Cryptocurrency ads, one Chrome Extension at a time. (6) 9 One of the best reasons to buy the Vivo V9. (7) 11 This brand has brought in the first smartphones to Total-lay take a Hike. (5) 13 MiTV on the wall. And this wall on the MiTV. (5) 14 28 percent growth, and that is even before the P20 came to India. (6) 15 A cat, a dog and bokeh blurred out this superstar. Viva, Vivo. (5,4)


1 Prime news – your subscription just got extended by a year, just when it was about to run out. (8.3) 2 Go, and Nokia has got One as well. (7) 4 They never settle but seem to have settled on a notch this time. (3,4) 5 No handwriting recognition, but you can scribble on Pages with this now. (5,6) 10 The Story of How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars. (8) 12 Oh Mi, they added an S to their second Mix. (6)