1 An Opera that is designed to be played with one hand. Happy browsing. (5,5) 4 This Kite cannot fly, but thanks to some modular magic on KickStarter, can make calls. (9) 5 These second gen Snappy shades can record snaps underwater. (10) 7 An iffy bird? No, just the latest smart TV range from TCL in India. (8) 11 She said Hello to her new Mate, but from an iPhone. (3,5) 12 It used to rate cameras but its own financial rating seems to have dipped. (3,4) 14 IPO time beckons. Oh Mi! (6) 15 They wanted it to win by a few more points, but it still is a Super Bowl winner. (5,1) 16 It sounds different but it is really me, says Oppo. (6)


2 Mi brings you music in India, in partnership with them. (7) 3 “Excuse me, can we collect your browsing history,” asks the social network. Now! (8) 6 Dude, this postal service just got a confidentiality mode. (5) 8 Seven times G is worth a thought. Just ask Google Assistant, which has a dedicated button on it. (2, 5) 9 The old pencil works very well on the new tablet, so what if it ain’t a Pro. (4) 10 Even Android Go could not make perform like a number one, unlike its name. (5,3) 13 This company just left the AirPort, so forget about Wi-Fi. (5)