1 Jumping from 5 to 6 could give your phone two times better drop resistance. (7,5) 5 See through Mi, but don’t believe what you see. (8) 8 Is it Honor-able to be THIS similar to your sister brand? (6) 10 Quad cams are the highlight of this new series from Huawei in India. (4) 11 We can put 48 megapixels on your phone, baby. (4) 12 The racing game’s 9th edition just got Legend-ary status. (7) 13 The Plus that is hoping to stand up to the Prime. (8)


2 Number one in the premium segment of the Indian smartphone market – quite a plus for it. (7) 3 Guess who is Behind The Mac? India’s music maestro. (1,1,6) 4 Spot that song and make it your alarm on Google Clock. (7) 6 “It’s for Real, Me am no longer part of Oppo.” (6) 7 The NEX-t big thing as per them is a pop up selfie camera. (4) 9 Honor 9 Lite + ___ = Honor 9N (5) 11 Going to an Apple store and complaining that your iPhone does not have expandable memory? That’s Ingenius. (7) 12 Shipments went up, market share went down – oh the fate of this super watch. (5)