1 India’s app bridge to combat COVID. (7,4) 3 The X killed it, the SE brought it back to life. (4,6) 4 Classic board game makes a royal return. Roll the dice, please. (4,4) 7 Look like the AirPods. Sell like them too. You have got to believe Me, Really. (4,3) 9 PUBG rival finally goes with Google’s Play. Expect tough competition every day, not just every two weeks. (8) 11 All the ANC could not cancel out this brand in the Indian TWS Market. (5) 12 This classic melody is ready for browsing on Android. (7) 13 It’s had a Razr for ages. Obviously it would have an Edge. (8) 14 Whatsapp, Reliance? (7) 15 Wanna make an iPad float? Just use this keyboard. (5)


2 It made charging at Warp Speed go Wireless. (7) 5 Cutting its price in India, launching a Neo in China – this three has been busy. (4) 6 You can now Zoom out, there are rooms in this Messenger. (8) 8 Go here to Guess The Gibberish. (9) 10 It may sound old school, but this postal service is planning to get into video calls. (8)