1 The “mandatory” app that is triggering privacy vs safety debate in India. (7,4) 3 The world has Switched to its console in Covid times. (8) 5 We hear its planning to do its bit for fit kids by getting them a 4G smartwatch later this year. (6) 6 A breath of fresh Mi browsing that allegedly compromises your data. (4) 9 You and I are turning twelve, believe Mi. (4) 10 Occupying the middle ground between Xiaomi and Samsung in the Indian smartphone market. (4) 12 Magic Keyboard too expensive? It makes financial logic to go on board with a combo from this then. (8) 13 A melodious browser with a note-taking feature of its own. (7) 14 “Whassup?” ” Well, you can now have up to eight people on a video call, that’s what.” (8)


2 How much can a tweet cost you? Ask this CEO. (4,4) 4 Your favourite series, in audiobook form? Flick to this for such net gains. (7) 7 From 60 to 90 to 120, these phoney parts must be feeling refreshed. (8) 8 “Where there’s help, there’s hope.” Just type a query in the search box and you will know.(6) 10 The sneaky hooded killer’s creed is going all Nordic. (8) 11 Is this the fabric that could revive LG? (6)