1 It’s A 51. It’s Android number one. (7,6) 7 Took to Twitter to christen its new truly wireless earphones. (4) 8 The Social Network gets its own Bitmoji. (6) 9 After the TV from Mi, it is now time for a TV from Me. (5) 10 Cheers, Moto Sangria. (4,4) 12 No updates for MiTV 4(55). (7,2) 15 The filter that gives the OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray vision. (5)


2 You will not find a map to Google on this app store. (3, 7) 3 Microsoft “Go”es for a second affordable tablet, and no it is not as superficial as it sounds. (7) 4 N95 is not just a mask, according to this brand was also what computers could become, waaay back in 2007. (5) 5 After more than a year, this pod found its Indian home. (7) 6 The brain behind the Pixel cameras has left the GooglePlex. (4,5) 11 The next AirPods, as per rumours. So filmy, no? (6) 13 The series with the biggest damn logo we have seen on a phone. (5) 14 An addition to One and an addition to Motorola Edge as well. (4)