1 Click, drag and drop to see world with Pegman in Lockdown. (9) 6 Keep two meters distance, with a little help from Chrome. (5) 7 It is powerful, it is light, it is the Moto G8, all right. (5,4) 9 What TicTic became in India to take on TikTok. (6) 13 8 on the outside, 11 on the inside. (6,2) 14 Hey Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and HP, this brand says “Hi.” (6) 15 Not racing along with OnePlus any more. (7)


2 This 9 might not be Max in size, but has maxed out cameras, Pro style. (5, 4, 3) 3 These TWS won’t leave you (or mi) in the Red. (7,1) 4 The iPhone without a phone is a perfect lockdown companion. (4,5) 5 OnePlus’ wireless audio ammunition from 1 2 Z. (7) 8 Not explosive, but definitely disturbing on a video call. (8) 10 This little bird is making the US Prez feel blue. (7) 11 STILL no sign of the F2, but the X2 is a bestseller, as per analysts. (4) 12 The Redmi Band 4 had better “Watch” out for this new brand in wearables. (5) So what was your score? Do let us know in the comments section below or on our social media profiles.