1 As per myths, you can kill a werewolf with it. As per OnePlus, they are great for the ears. (6,6) 5 In pursuit of appiness? You might have to pay more in the coming days at this App Store. (6) 6 It’s not just human beings, even the company that never settles needs it to survive. (6) 8 Give too much Horlicks to the Lenovo K6 Power, and this is the result. (4) 9 They come for big Bucks, and can also make little Bucks dance. (7) 12 Just a bit of me on your wrist is darned good for fitness (6) 13 A string of these can crash your iPhone, evidently. (6) 15 Hollywood superstar who appeared in the launch of the Redmi Note 4 in India. (10)


1 Put them on. Snap videos. Chat away. (10) 2 War on the sides, featuring the Mi Mix and the Nubia Z11. (6) 3 The AR dance from Google. (5) 4 “Hello, first camera on the moon.” “Hello, Moto.” (10) 7 No, it is not a Prisma me too, but it is kind of getting popular, and scary in security terms. (5) 8 Always a red-ringed camera. Well, it is Chinese, isn’t it? (5) 10 “And Brutus would use this phone, for he is an ___able man!” Or so we think Mark Anthony would have said. (5) 11 Want to enter the PC world? In most cases, avoid the doors. (7) 14 Add up these two brands and you get “us.” (2,2)