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1 A breath of Windows Air, from Xiaomi. (2,8) 4 Not a group of ships, but floating on top of Twitter. (6) 7 Take this cab and get a message from the next rider, free. (4) 10 This brand wants to find you an (e)X. (4) 11 The latest Adobe Photoshop takes photographs. (6) 13 This Apple event is open for all comers this time around. (4) 15 This Tyrannosaurus X does not have hands but fits on your wrist.. (7)


2 Three of this or a OnePlus – You Decide. (4) 3 Started in the premium segment. Never Settled. Now coming for Rs 1x,999 (7,2) 5 This brand is coming with thin pads for your ideas. (6) 6 The ideal Venue for anyone looking for ANC headphones on a budget. (9) 8 Adding to that singular Fusion feeling. (8) 9 The latest entrant in the Super Zoom phone race. (6) 12 Beta, guess who turned 11. (7) 14 K-pop goes the Galaxy S20. (3) So what was your score? Do let us know in the comments section below or on our social media profiles.