1 Humming these notes and that too not well, is disastrous for your Android! (10) 5 It might just have been a corridor to Building 7 at MIT, but it gave this new FB recruit the name for his first venture. (6) 8 Tarzan was raised by them, and now they are protecting displays. (7) 9 It sounds like a Beyonce song, but it is not on top of an angel’s head, and is actually for typing. (4) 11 No, these Ninjas from Don Nguyen are NOT flappy. (7) 12 So many Samurai for Kurosawa, so many messaging apps for Google. (5) 13 A “real” QWERTY keyboard returns to smartphones. Hooray! (7)


1 He is not Victor, but Facebook would not feel Le Miserable because he came on board. (4,5) 2 The kind of Vivo flash that makes the Taj Mahal look even more beautiful. (9) 3 Honey, your tab in this browser is a bubble! (4) 4 This Dragon manufacturer is being sued by a fruit – how Snappy! (8) 6 Is this the final piece in the Jio puzzle? No, it is not a phone that’s smart! (7) 7 Out of power? Quick, dash! (6) 10 The offspring of the tablet-gaming console wedding. God knows it needed one. (6) 12 Those in Apple’s walled garden, can now even ask her for the IPL scores. (4)