1 Eva, the point is not your face, the face is your pointer. (6,5) 3 Will the new version of this see Xiaomi do a Remix? (5) 4 It is a magical number – both the Galaxy S and the iPhone are going to get it shortly. (5) 5 Want to shop? Just call out for this Assistant at Home. (6) 7 Go, now you have eighty more of these to catch! (7) 10 It is into its fifth edition and while it does connect people, it has nothing to do feeling low, or dentistry! (9) 12 Oh gosh, a change of San after 15 years for Apple. (4) 13 Comic book sharpshooter who just got kicked out of Kickstarter. (7) 14 Apple has got a new face, and it is not a false one. (8)


1 Artificial intelligence to fix your face, now on Android as well. Appy? (7) 2 After making it yourself, you are now asking us for feedback on its design, Google? (5) 6 They are promising to show 5x smartphone photography technology at MWC this year. (4) 8 BlackBerry did not give us a QWERTY phone, but made us appy to have something for taking notes (7) 9 What’s up? A two-stage verification process! (8) 11 Forget the 3310, we think Nokia should get us an Android version of this gaming phone. (5)