1 It can take a shock. It has e-ink. And it is great for iPhone coverage. Get it? (7,3) 4 It is really a matter of status because we hear this Facebook app is bringing it back. What’s up, then? (8) 5 One thing about MWC that our editor needs to REALLY change, so what if Freddie Mercury sang about it! (9) 7 The shoes with Intel Inside come from Me. Errrr.. well, not quite but from someone who sounds rather similar. (6) 9 Yes, they were pretty, but as Cinderella will tell you, they were slippery for her slippers too. And so are many of the phones made using this material! (5) 11 We were surprised to see it send out a Vibe, and with a B at that. Good that it did not cost too much. (6) 12 When it was clothes, Salman was Being Human. But you need a different sort of Being for smartphones. (5) 13 So are you going to need an umbrella today? Why don’t you just ask this umbrella! (4,3) 14 Google just changed the whole concept of hanging out online. Now you will have to Meet and Chat. (8)


2 Copycat, it screamed when it saw Instagram getting into geosticker mode. (8) 3 The Angry Young Man of yesteryear believes in Never Settling. A star for this brand, we guess! (7) 4 Yes, it called the CIA Snoopy! How leaky is that? (9) 6 Oh it’s Get a Mac time again, only in these ads, the Cupertino company wants you to buy something rather different. (4,3) 8 More Mods, yes. Feature phones, no. Or so sayeth this brand about its India strategy. (8) 10 Do not expect any music from this band. But it still rocks, because it handles heart rates in spite of being so insanely slim. Quite a fit bit, we would say. (4,2)