1 The camera is so key to this device, Huawei put it in its keyboard. (8,1,3) 6 Honey, Nokia went from Stock to Go for the One. (7) 7 Will this warm wind from Nokia blow away the competition? (7) 9 It misses a y between the X and Z but is up to two, and comes with support for 4K HDR video. (6) 11 They used to be so different from each others, but these days even our Tech Auntyji can predict what these phones will have. (9) 13 Asus went up a “notch” with the five at Barcelona. (7)


1 Former Indian smartphone supremo had a Go at Android for Bharat at Barcelona. (8)) 2 LG added a touch of IBM to the new V30, with a slightly q-uestionable spelling. (5) 3 Apple might not have been at the MWC, but this fruit was, thanks to the Matrix phone. (6) 4 No new blend or Mix from it, but it was at Barca, saying “Look at Mi” (6) 5 Their Yoga is the answer to all your questions, thanks to Alexa. (6) 8 It turns the Galaxy S9 into a mouse or a keypad for your computer. (3,3) 10 Samsung was not the only one with a S9 at MWC, you know, and this had an X factor too. (6) 12 With an 18:9 aspect display come smaller bezels…not! Ask this brand, which finally got into 18:9 mode and still kept big bezels. (4)