1 Forget glass and metal. Forget plastic. Think sedimentary rock made up of grains and minerals. It was on the OnePlus One! (8) 4 Moto has Mods today, but the OnePlus One had a Mod too. (8) 6 Three, four, six, eight…memorable on the OnePlus. (3) 8 Want some VR, OnePlus style? (4) 10 Man’s best friend at OnePlus. Can be used for product launches too. (3) 13 OnePlus devices love to assassinate these. The killers! (8) 14 Camera scorekeeping folks who collaborated with OnePlus for the OnePlus 5 (7)


2 Forget its failure, it was using a glossy glass backs and ceramic before the competition even got a hint of them. (7,1) 3 First in the status quo. And something extra. Add that up and what do you get? (3,4) 4 He came out with the Never Settle line. We are sure he had lots of ice cream too. (4,3) 5 Humans need it to survive. So do recent OnePlus devices. (6) 7 Welcome to India, OnePlus. We will see you in court, said this Indian brand (8) 9 If you are using a OnePlus, midnight can mean just one colour. (5) 11 Company where both Carl and Pete worked before they formed OnePlus. (4) 12 It sounds like death…which is why OnePlus skipped it. (4)