1 Nexus was allegedly first associated with Androids in a book by this novelist. (6,1,4) 4 The last Nexus device to have (sigh) a removable battery. (6) 6 Want some assistance on your Pixel? Say the magic words. (2,6) 10 Before the Nexus and Pixel was the first Android phone, and it was a nightmare for the competition. (5) 11 The first Nexus to have wireless charging abilities, and oh that shiny glass back helped, we are sure. (4) 12 The first phone Google claimed to have designed inside and out. (5) 13 This manufacturer was involved with the Nexus, but not too many know of it, because its association was mainly on the tablet side. (4) 15 Before the Nexus Player and the Chromecast was this digital player from Google, (5,1)


2 Thanks to Pixel’s support of Google’s virtual reality platform, you can have this in the day without sleeping. (8) 3 Pixel was actually not first used by Google for phones, but for this (10) 5 The massive six inch display on this Nexus came when Google said Hello to this legendary company. (8) 7 The Nexus One had a Qualcomm processor and while it was not as Snappy as a Dragon, it did have a sting. (8) 8 The only Chinese manufacturer to have made a Nexus. (6) 9 They could not be popped because they had the biggest displays in the Nexus series. (7) 14 One of the few major brands to have never worked on a Pixel or a Nexus device – we missed the Xperiance. (4) Nimish Dubey contributed to this post.