1 The kind of intelligence that is expected to make headlines, given that its natural counterpart is difficult to place in phones. (10) 3 It ain’t a 845, but a 9810 ain’t too bad to ‘chip in’ for a device that is an iPhone challenger. Ask Samsung. (6) 5 LG’s Gone Girl at MWC. Yes, an improved V30 might be there, but this girl won’t. (4) 8 Mi blend of two that we are giving away. (2,3) 9 We love saying Hello to them and their mod-ern approach, but it seems unlikely that they will have too much new at this MWC. )8) 11 We were expecting flagships from them at Barcelona, but it seems all the media is going to get is a pad. Take a tablet, fellas. (6) 12 Sony is hoping to throw a curveball at its competition, adding a 2 and a Pro to this veteran! (6,2)


1 A lot is fixed in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, but this is variable, and whether it is 1.5 or 1.7 or 2.2, that is not a “light” matter! (8) 2 The company hopes to get its Zen back, with a phone with a notch – the X factor, we wonder. (4) 4 Everyone’s expecting a one from this former number one. Even if Android Goes. (5) 6 You might think it is the biggest phone brand in India, but not much is expected from it at MWC. (5) 7 Their 845:chip makes a dragon even more snappy. (8) 10 The new key to unlocking your phone, expected to be seen on most phones at Barcelona. Look, no hands! (4)