Osama Bedier, who put in eight years at PayPal, joined Google in 2011. In May of that year, Google announced Google Wallet as an attempt to kick start the mobile payments revolution that tech companies have been talking about for what feels like at least a decade. Unfortunately, the service never really took off, which might explain Bedier’s decision to leave.

Why? There are multiple reasons, but all of them have to do with one thing, control. Google wanted to be in charge of your money, and that obviously has operators upset since they want in on the action. Let’s also not forget about your bank, do you honestly they’d want Google taking over their core business? And finally there’s Visa, MasterCard, and all the other plastic providers, they’ll do everything legally possible to retain their power. So where’s Bedier going next? That’s not exactly known, but something tells me he’ll end up at a company working on something related to monetary transactions. It’s been in his DNA for the past 10+ years, so unless he’s tired of that, which I doubt, I don’t see him moving on from the field.