A simple, affordable smartwatch

Honor’s next device in the U.S. will be its fitness-b-cum-smartwatch, the Honor B Z1. It runs on Honor’s own proprietary wearables OS it features fitness tracking, a capacitive touchscreen, 70 mAh battery pack, which Honor says will last up to three days of constant usage on a single charge. It’s also compatible with both Android iOS will soon be available for $79. The B Z1 went on sale in India last year. The story behind the story: You know how xus is essentially Toyota’s sportier, hipper counterpart? That’s the idea behind the Honor br for Huawei. It’s got its own cool tagline—“for the brave”— its products emphasize style. Huawei has quite a bit of marketing work cut out for it before the general gadget consumer recognizes what Honor is, but it likely figures that the more brs the Chinese smartphone maker brings over, the more of a chance it has to grab that number three spot on the smartphone charts.