The $79.99 Hover Bar Duo is a product I’ve used since its initial launch to work on my iPad Pro when connected to an external monitor, even before iPadOS 16, added true support for connecting Apple’s tablet to a display. But one aspect about the mount I struggled with was deciding which base – there’s a clamp base for the edge of your desk or table and a weighted base that sits on a flat surface – to use and where.  With the Hover Bar Duo 2, however, Twelve South has added a QuickSwitch Tab that allows you to remove the arm from the base and move it to the second base. That makes it easy to move the Hover Bar Duo 2 from your home office, for instance, to your kitchen counter. Or you can have multiple desks, like me, that you often move between.  There’s an attachment point on the clamp and the weighted base that you can slide the arm into, holding it in place like on the first-generation Hover Bar Duo. But when you’re ready to change locations, you press on the tab and slide the arm out of the new mounting solution and take the arm with you. It’s a pretty smart solution.  The Hover Bar Duo 2, while primarily marketed as a way to mount your iPad, will also hold an iPhone for FaceTime calls or recording videos. Actually, the device clamp will hold any device that measures between 5-inches and 8.68-inches in height. One example of a device it can hold that’s noted on Twelve South’s website is the Nintendo Switch (sans Joy-Cons).  The first generation Hover Bar Duo remains available, in black, for $59.99. The Hover Bar Duo 2 is available in matte black or white for $79.99.