The Nexus 9 was a popular enough Android-based tablet when it first went on sale, but it looks like it’s the End Days for the slate. CNET has confirmed with HTC that the company is no longer producing the tablet any longer. That would make sense, considering the Nexus 9 was pulled from the Google Store at the end of April. HTC did also confirm that it has a limited amount of stock available on its official website, though, so if you’re interested in still picking one up, there’s at least one option. HTC has the 16 and 32GB Wi-Fi versions available, as well as the 32GB LTE model of the Nexus 9. The company also says that it’s not because of a lack of demand that they’re ending production, but simply that the device has just run its life to the end of the line. Did you buy a Nexus 9?