The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), responsible for defining many Internet standards, announced HTTP Error 451 to indicate a censored web page. This will determine if a page is edited or not available due to a technical error. Also Read: How to Find Server IP of Any WebSite – Reverse Ip Lookup

The HTTP 451 Error To Indicate a Censored By Your Government

There are several types of HTTP errors. We already faced the 404 to report a missing page, though it was also the 403 who said they could not access the resource. In 2013, Tim Bray, an engineer, proposed the idea of an HTTP error code specifically for censored content. Bray was inspired by an article by the security researcher Terence Eden who complained of the blocking of Pirate Bay and could not identify that the site was censored or simply unavailable. Also Read: How To Download Complete Websites to Browse Offline Eden proposed code, and Bray used 451 about the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Interpretations vary on this book because, for some, it is a science fiction story denouncing McCarthyism and others see the apocalyptic frame of a society governed by conformism and censorship. Even the date of 2013, it takes a long time for the HTTP 451 code to be integrate, bed, accepted, and approved by officials. However, the HTTP 451 error code does not guarantee we will determine whether the content is censored. For example, a government may use a more vague code to hide its, censors, content. Also Read: Best File-Sharing Websites to Share Large Files Online HTTP code 451 will be handy for companies like Facebook, Github, and Google to indicate that they have censored content at the request of governments.