Dual rear camera systems are basically the standard these days, with only a few companies holding out with single camera systems in their flagship smartphones. While Huawei has already introduced smartphones with dual camera systems, it is apparently looking forward to what it can do next. And obviously three cameras on the back of a smartphone is the next logical step. At least, that’s the expectation based on an event invitation that Huawei recently sent out. AndroidCentral published the event invite today. The event will take place on March 27 in Paris, France, and, on that date, the invite hints that Huawei will be showcasing the P20 flagship smartphone which will feature a trio of cameras on the back. That’s hinted at in both the three circles in the background, as well as the tagline, “See ‘mooore’ with AI”, both of which seems to indicate that a trio of cameras will play a role in an upcoming flagship smartphone.

Huawei is actually rumored to launch three new phones at the event: The P20, the P20 Plus, and the P20 Lite. @OnLeaks and TigerMobiles got their hands on renders of the P20 Lite, and it appears the handset will only have a pair of cameras on the back of that device. Which could mean that Huawei is going to launch the P20 and/or P20 Plus with the triple camera feature. What Huawei will be doing with that third camera, and how it relates to AI, is unknown at this time. Are you excited about phones featuring three cameras on the back?