If you’ve never used an electric bike, they’re great for commuting distances too far to conveniently walk. The Huffy Oslo has a max range of 20-23 miles with pedal assistance, which allows you to increase your power by pedaling. The Huffy Oslo’s throttle can help you reach speeds of up to 20 mph. In addition to the 250W motor and 36V battery, the derailleur (aka the bicycle gearing system) features a Shimano 7-speed index, which allows you to pedal the bike without electricity and adjust the resistance to your preference.  Also: The best electric cars and the cheapest EV available Because it’s foldable, you can store the Huffy Oslo in a small apartment or backyard shed to maximize your living space. Plus, it comes with a handy lock to prevent theft. The frame is also composed of a lightweight aluminum frame for durability and convenience. Using code PRIME10, you can score this great commuting bike for only $310, meaning you save $889 – an all-time low for this model. We don’t know how much stock is available, and we don’t know how long this deal will last. If you’re looking for an easier way to commute, you should add it to your cart today to save hundreds of dollars. To see if another model suits your needs better, you can also take a look at our picks for the best electric bikes.