It’s only been in the last decade that Internet of Things (IoT) devices – including voice assistants, smart speakers, Wi-Fi-connected cameras, and more – alongside smartphones started becoming common features of our daily lives. The shift from ‘dumb’ to smart and connected appliances, whether you’re talking of a Wi-Fi-connected kettle, fridge, or washing machine, also created another distinct department: smart vacuums.  Smart vacuums can generally be controlled by mobile apps and once they have been connected to your home network, you can set up automatic cleaning schedules. In-built mapping technology creates pathways for the device to follow, although some vacuums may not perform well on rugs or uneven surfaces.  They can, however, take some of the daily maintenance out of running your home.  Over at Walmart, you can pick up the iHome AutoVac Nova, usually $599, with a discount of over $400. The $189 vacuum can be controlled via Google voice assistants or an app and is self-emptying. The robot has 2700pa suction power and uses Lidar mapping technology to navigate. When it comes to the mop features, the vacuum will perform single swipes which will be enough to remove smudges and some dirt, but it won’t replace a deep clean.