Several possible new features have been mentioned, but a new one has arrived. The front camera of the iPhone 8 can bring a 3D sensor, which can detect depth and make the facial recognition. This new rumor comes from a source which has in the past revealed in advance many of the features that Apple introduced. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now revealed that the tech giant Apple will be preparing to introduce a 3D sensor on the new iPhone that will strengthen the front camera. This new feature will give the iPhone 8 the ability to provide 2D images of spatial depth and thus recognize the position of objects in space and continuously you can take 3D selfies.

How 3D Front-Camera Will Work

To achieve this, the Cupertino giant Apple will equip the front camera with an infrared sensor, which will be the essential component to give the iPhone 8 the ability to recognize the position of objects. This sensor will be both an emitter and an infrared receiver, using reflection to measure distances and detect objects.

The origin of this new technology of the iPhone 8

This new technology from Apple is very similar to what Microsoft uses in Kinect, based on the same concepts and the same ideas. This is not a strange situation, since Apple holds, since 2013, PrimeSense, the company that initially developed the Kinect and that will probably now bring this 3D sensor to the iPhone 8. It is still early to know all the possibilities that this novelty will have on the iPhone 8, but there are already some areas where it is known to be able to be used. The games part is almost certain and also the iPhone’s own unlocking, resorting to facial recognition or iris reading.

What the tech giant Apple reserves for the FUTURE?

Looking further into the future, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will go further and incorporate this technology into the rear camera, dispensing the second lens as the iPhone 7 Plus has, passing the depth to be made using the 3D sensor. Moreover, the LG Display CEO Han Sang-beom also said that “The demand for LCD screens will remain steady in the next couple of years, in spite of Apple’s move to OLED. The tech giant Apple wouldn’t switch 100 percent to OLED for the time being Han told The Investor. Considering Apple’s annual shipments at about 220 to 330 million iPhones, the plastic OLED would not become the only display type for the new iPhone as well”. So, it means that the tech giant Apple is really going to adopt the next-gen OLED displays as soon as possible by this year only and it will be a move that will hurt LG Display in the near future. This rumor comes out after all those who take for granted the arrival of the wireless charging feature on iPhone, the OLED screen and the absence of the Home button. So, simply we have to wait for few more time to know that what the tech giant Apple has actually reserved for its upcoming device iPhone 8.