In the presentation of the iPhone X, the tech giant Apple introduced the Animoji, an application that uses the Truedepth camera through the movements of our face, create movement and animation in some emoji. Although this is a function that we can only find in the iPhone X, however, now it is already possible to test its operation on the Android operating system as well.

Supermoji – Get Functions of Animoji on Android

Supermoji is an application that allows you to use filters and masks to create animated emoji, as we find in Animoji of iOS. Although it does not achieve the results of the Apple’s operating system, since the iPhone X uses a 3D recognition system, this application uses an augmented reality system identical to that used in the Snapchat and other applications with masks and effects. The result is not perfect, however, it allows some jokes. When starting the application, we found 3 tabs (background, Supermoji and effects). In the first, the background, you can choose the colour or background pattern, or if you want then you can also delete the background and use the desired image in real time. In the next tab, Supermoji, you can choose the emoji you want to use. At the moment the panda, coconut, cat, alien, dog and the chicken are available. Finally, in the last tab, you can then choose some effects, such as flames coming out of the mouth, cold environment, rainy environment, among others. Using this application, you can simply record a video or take a picture using the front or rear camera, which can later be shared with friends or stored in the device memory. This is an application that, although it is simpler and less effective than the Animoji, already allows to play with the emojis and to share some good moments with the friends. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below. Click here to download the Supermoji application for your Android device now.