When LG announced the G Flex back in October, the first question that everyone asked was when would the phone hit their local market? Earlier this month, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, three of America’s top four wireless operators confirmed they would offer the G Flex, but none of them released any actual details. Today, that finally changes. Sprint has just revealed that they’re going to start selling the G Flex on January 31st for $300 with a two year contract. I should note that January 31st is when you’ll be able to buy it from Sprint’s website. The device will hit Sprint’s retail stores a week later.

Should you buy this phone? Just yesterday, I shared an article from Korea about G Flex owners complaining about their device forming bubbles under the surface glass. When The Korea Times asked LG about the defects, LG actually said they were normal. That’s one thing to consider. And then there’s the resolution, which is only 720p, despite measuring 6.0 inches on the diagonal. That level of sharpness at that size is perfectly fine for a midrange phone, but a premium flagship? Not really. You’ve got to remember that less than one month after the G Flex lands in Sprint’s stores, a flood of new handsets are going to be announced at Mobile World Congress. And less than two months after the G Flex comes out, Samsung will unveil the GS5. If you want a bendy phone, no one can stop you, but I’m not going to recommend it.