Earlier this year, LG officially took the wraps off its latest flagship, the G5, and now it looks like the company is about ready to announce a lite version of the handset. Thanks to the Russian blog [email protected], we’ve got a good look at a device that’s being called the LG G5 SE. The publication was not only able to get their hands on a device, but also put it through a review, including photos and videos of the unofficial handset. In the review, it notes that the handset looks quite similar to the standard G5, and that it offers plenty of similarities, but also brings some different specifications to the table as well.

That includes the G5 SE using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor instead of the Snapdragon 820. It also notes that the G5 SE offers only 3GB of RAM, while the standard G5 boasts 4GB. However, the G5 SE does boast the same 5.3-inch 2460×1440 display, and it appears to host the same 2800mAh battery as well. It also offers the same modular design LG introduced with the original G5. The review notes that while recording 4K video the G5 SE does appear to suffer from some performance issues, and that the display isn’t bright enough, either. However, the overall review seems positive enough.

As for when LG will make the G5 SE official, or where it will be available, that remains to be seen. It’s likely that LG will position the G5 SE as a more affordable variant in specific markets, and it won’t likely see a wide release.