Smartphone companies are working diligently to put as many cameras in their smartphones as possible, with Huawei leading the charge with three cameras on the back of the P20 Pro. But it looks like LG is looking to up the game a bit. According to a report from Android Police, the company is planning on installing five different cameras in the upcoming V40. There will reportedly be three separate shooters on the back, with the primary being a standard wide lens, the second being LG’s “signature ultrawide lens”, and the third offering up some other unknown benefit. That could be a dedicated camera for bokeh effects, for instance. The V40 will boast two cameras on the front, which could facilitate a more advanced face unlock feature. The report indicates that LG is working on a stereo configuration allowing for “a 3D map of the face to be recorded”, but that may not be the case when the V40 launches later this year. The V40 is said to look strikingly similar to the G7 before it, including the notch design (which can be turned “off”). The handset will reportedly feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and a fingerprint reader on the back. LG is planning on launching the device later this year, but no exact dates are known. It is also unknown whether or not LG will be adopting an OLED display with the V40, which could be a major defining element for the future high-end smartphone.