LIKE is a free Android application that comes packed with a myriad of video-editing tools for creating what the developer calls, “magic music clips.” In addition to that, the app features a social home screen which displays videos from other users in your surrounding. You can like these, leave a comment, follow, share and even contact as well as message the profile. Posts from people you have followed will appear on the “follow” tab present on the left. Furthermore, the app can be used in ten different languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. The app flaunts a relatively straightforward interface with a modern color scheme for the top bars, buttons, what have you. The app’s start screen has Indian Bollywood actress, Disha Patani, showcasing how the app works. To start creating one of your own “LIKE videos,” tap the little purple icon in the middle. Select a background music from the app’s library, or you can use the one stored on the phone by switching to the “mine” tab. To upload your audio files, there’s an option in the app’s settings. LIKE also categorizes these soundtracks into a range of sections including “dialogues,” “comedy,” “magic” and more. Moreover, the app also lets you check out the existing videos which have utilized a particular track by pressing the little “more info” button beside an entry.

Moving on, once you’ve settled on the background music, you can begin recording. The viewfinder features a couple of additional options for switching the beauty mode, soundtrack pace, and a timer. Press the camcorder icon to commence shooting. The app, of course, lets you upload any of the existing videos you’ve on your phone as well. You don’t necessarily need to record the entire thing in one go, though. The app allows you to pause in between for applying any effects and continue from where you left off. Neat. Speaking of the effects, there are a plethora of choices you can employ ranging from floating hearts to Superman’s laser to raining samosas. For applying any of these, you need to press and hold on your video. While doing so, you can also vary the size, color in a couple of cases. The “Effect Mix” tab contains transitions for the scenes. Once you’re done editing a particular scene, tap the “tick” icon on the top for saving the file or go back for adding more footage. It’s quite commendable how extensive the app is, and if you are creative enough, you can produce a rather impressive clip thanks to the wide variety of effects available. You can recreate various superhero movie sequences or merely lip-sync your favorite track. The possibilities are endless. Despite that, though, the app is comparatively lightweight and measures roughly around 50-60MB which obviously, doesn’t include the clips you’ve saved. Sharing options are quite straightforward here. Unfortunately, though, you need to post the video to LIKE’s own social network before saving it to your phone or sending it to someone on WhatsApp. There are a couple of privacy settings you can look into. It lets you hide your location and turn off your profile’s visibility in your friend’s recommendations. You can also connect your Facebook and Google account for looking up friends. I do wish, though, they had some way of disabling the social side of this app. Also, considering what kind of filters they have right now, it would be great if the app gets a few AR tricks for adding objects in the scenes. We won’t be surprised if that comes as part of the in-app purchases in the future. LIKE falls into the category of new-age apps like Smule, Dubsmash, etc. which are made for millennials to share their creativity with friends and family. That’s pretty much why we think it has a social element built within the app itself. LIKE is, without a doubt, a must-have app if you are someone who regularly needs to create content for their social network profiles or anything else. Its granular controls, a rich library for effects and superior editing tools allows just about anyone to generate professional-grade clips. It’s entirely free and can be downloaded from the Play Store. The app is also available for the iPhone on the App Store.