Yesterday, the Criminal Court of Dijon condemned the man for his actions and various sanctions were applied, including damages to Apple worth $19,130.

The 29-year-old man who destroyed many products displayed at the Apple store in Dijon with a metal ball was finally sentenced yesterday by the Criminal Court of the city about six months of suspension. “I was in a state of angry monster,” Destroyer said at the helm of Dijon court. The man also said that his state appeared due to the humiliation he felt after the US giant refused to refund the price of an iPhone, even they also showed that he may have purchased the defective. Methodically, as concluded in court, he entered the store with a metal ball, wearing gloves, and destroyed many Apple devices that were placed on exhibition. In addition to 6 months suspended imprisonment, he was also sanctioned with a fine of $328 for assaulting a mall security, prohibition of attending the shopping at Dijon for two years and will have to pay compensation to Apple $19,130 for damages.

Apple Asked 65,410 Dollars As Compensation

The Cupertino company had estimated its loss of around 65,410 Dollars. However, the judge claimed that the articles of being destroyed exhibition material, the value could not be considered for new because they are not for sale. Thus, the price would be charged only for the production cost.