Encouragingly, Marshall seems to be back on the ball in terms of keeping the London responsive too, with a further quote from their post: Great to see and I still go back to my beloved London in between review device testing and other ‘diversions’! It’s true that this phone is still on Android 5.1, i.e. Lollipop, but this is just the base OS and it’s important to note that this unique little phone now has both the latest Google Play Services and (almost) the latest Security patches too. It’s debatable whether it’s worth Zound Industries investing in Android 6 for London at this stage when Lollipop is working so well. (The same applies to quite a few other 2015 era phones with Snapdragon 4xx series chipsets, I’d argue.) Set your expectations low in terms of interface speed and London can still rock your socks off – it’s still the top all-around music phone on the planet, arguably. PS. If you hadn’t heard of the London before, it’s here, though at a crazy placeholder price of £399.