This is an unusually great deal, so I’ll tell you upfront: run, don’t walk to this deal if you’re thinking about adding it to your home or gifting it to a family member. It’s most likely a flash deal (or an error), since the deal only applies to the black-colored display. Add the Meta Portal to your cart and checkout ASAP to make sure that you get this deal. With the Meta Portal, you can video call your friends and family on Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger, and other video chat services. As long as you have an internet connection, you can call friends and even screenshare via Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more.  The smart camera auto-focuses on you while you move, whether you’re walking in a park or cooking in the kitchen. But the AI backgrounds are by far the coolest feature of the Meta Portal. With StoryTime AR, you can add fun animation and music in your background to tell immersive bedtime stories to your little ones at home, whether you’re traveling or stuck in the office late. The Meta Portal can also play Pandora or Spotify while you’re spending time at home, and the device is compatible with Alexa, so you can ask her to pull up Facebook Watch to get the latest news. Plus, for an extra personal touch, the Meta Portal can slideshow your favorite moments using Instagram, Facebook, or personal photos uploaded from the Portal app. Again, hurry to this deal – We don’t know if it’s an error or just a surprise flash sale. But for $49 – savings of $130 – this deal is one of the best steals we’ve seen in a while.