The M570’s design features an ear cup that, unlike its competitors, is outfitted with a grille that allows sound to pass through the planar driver. It alters the sound so that you sound right at center stage when listening to your tunes and enhances the sound portfolio. In other words, you’ll get a more engaging sound space. The padded headband is fully adjustable so it will be comfortable on your ears, and you can adjust between leatherette pads and cloth options. The headphones use a 97 x 76mm planar driver with an asymmetrical double NdFeB magnet array to deliver top-quality sound to your listening experience. Keep in mind that this earpad set is wired, so you can use them for gaming or just mixing audio when connected. And, if you’re still wanting to check out other options that offer noise canceling, check out our best picks for noise canceling headphones.