It is said that Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two international icons in boundless finally met to resolve all nitpicking, setting off a battle of epic proportions between light and darkness. Staring up in the Grand Senora desert sands, the Jedi Kenobi Michael prepares to destroy once and for all the fearful threat of Sith Lord Darth Trevor. Although the paragraph story above is completely invented, the union between the worlds of Star Wars and GTA V in the video that opens this matter is the fruit of the creativity of the owner of Boris the Blade YouTube channel.

The Most Epic GTA V Video With Star Wars Action

According to the responsible for producing all the lighting effects of lightsabers made ​​himself, with the help of specialized programs such as Adobe After Effects and a green screen – aka Chroma Key – present within the game itself. The result was so impressive that it reached us to entice someone to make a mod Star Wars with this level of detail in GTA V. Check out the epic struggle of the recording lightsabers.

This is, without a doubt, not a group: GTA 5’s Trevor vs. Michael in a lightsaber duel complete with f-bombs and flipping the winged animal. The weapons may be from a more edified age however those two aren’t. Contingent upon how this affects you might need to look at our more genuine Star Wars scope because we are everywhere on that. The new Freemode Events, which open up a Destiny-style match like clockwork, is the impetus for drawing a line under things. These needn’t bother with a hall; you can simply turn up and play them at whatever point you need – which the last-gen consoles can’t deal with. The Freemode upgrade will be discharged on Tuesday, September 15 (that day as The Taken King) and will likewise convey the Rockstar Editor to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 interestingly. There’s likewise unrealistic to be any more online heists after Rockstar discovered them significantly more hard to execute than they initially anticipated In other GTA Online news, Rockstar has played down any desires for a story extension for Grand Theft Auto V. even though they beforehand guaranteed “significant” new story content; Rockstar now asserts that it’s not a need and that everybody that was taking a shot at the single-player diversion is currently taking a shot at GTA Online.