That includes this next product, but it comes about as close as we’ve seen. And as a bonus, it might just improve your game so you can get more enjoyment out of the real thing. The PhiGolf Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator fuses the latest motion sensing technology with a stick that replicates the feel of a real golf club. The result is a virtual game of golf you can play with a very real swing, and the results are as entertaining as they are educational. The setup for the app is easy. Just place a sensor unit in front of you, let it pair with the golf stick and you’re ready to start swinging. The physics of your stick movement are translated into a virtual avatar onscreen with surprising accuracy. What’s even better is you’ve got your choice of games to, both of which are bundled with the PhiGolf pack. One of them is a trainer that lets you see how accurate your swing really is, letting you make adjustments that could translate into real improvements at tee time. The second app, sports gamers might already be familiar with: WGT Golf is one of the most popular virtual golf games out there. You can play on GPS-mapped versions of real-world championship courses like Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black and many more. The physics in the regular version of the game are already impressive. Add in the ability to play with an actual swing, and you may never leave the house. Just a heads-up, though: You can take the game anywhere. Both apps can be played on smartphone or tablet, and it comes with instructions to transfer the action from your smartphone to the screen of any compatible smart TV. Pick up the PhiGolf system including the stick, sensor and app for $199 with code GOLF20 at checkout. Prices subject to change. You can’t beat free! Get $70+ worth of premium Mac apps for free today! SHOP MORE DEALS: Check out the Deals page for the hottest tech and digital deals, including gadgets, gizmos, online courses and more! Tap or click here to start shopping. For questions about Komando Deals products, click here. By clicking our links, you’re supporting our research, as we may earn a very small commission. Recommendations are not part of any business incentives.