An organization offering multimedia financial solutions and services, The Motley Fool is based in Alexandria, Virginia. Investors are presented a variety of financial solutions through manifold stock and investment options or personal finance packages. The Motley Fool mobile application for iOS and Android platforms was launched in collaboration with mobile media publisher Zumobi Inc and Universal Uclick, a syndicate and development agent.

Empowering your finances – With The Motley Fool application being available for free, consumers will now be able to get free access to the latest financial news and views, statistics and latest analysis for investors. The Motley Fool application can be downloaded onto the iPhone and iPod touch, apart from all Android smart-phones. It will soon be available for the iPad and Blackberry platforms too. This mobile application displays all leading financial news on the home screen and there are neatly arranged categories in the horizontal top menu as well. Users can also view a rich database of archives and pod casts, as well as sector-wise news and coverage. Users can also save all the articles within the Motley Fool or even mail it to themselves, which is yet another useful tool of this application. Moreover, all contents can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or email too. The ticker search helps in locating particular information with regard to company stocks, graphs and other statistics, with corresponding or relevant articles also being provided. All investor portfolios are accessible via real-time tracking and financial advice is offered by the top market analysts and commentators, offering the user the chance to make his / her own investment decisions, based on the information and advice at hand. Sector-wise coverage includes Technology, Energy, Financials, Media and Industries, Healthcare and Consumer Services. In addition, users have the benefit of viewing the popular Market Foolery and Motley Fool Money podcasts. An offline reading option is also possible with the Motley Fool, making it one of the most convenient and feature-packed mobile applications available in the market. All this comes, absolutely free. One stop shop for all financial affairs – The Motley Fool mobile application therefore, fosters this burgeoning investment and financial community with equal access to financial empowerment through effective and customized financial advice and solutions. With spiraling costs of daily living, efficient money management is the key to a better and planned future. Isn’t it perfectly handy that you can manage your money matters on the go and right at your hand? It is here that the Motley Fool puts you firmly in the driver’s seat with its management services, news, views, advice, data and numerous financial solutions on offer. Providing a one stop shop for finances for free, the Motley Fool is a must-have mobile application for gaining control over your financial affairs and that too on the move. Suggest, one must try it!