The Moto 360 officially went on sale today, September 5, but it didn’t stay available for long, according to a new report, and with Motorola confirming as much on its own. The initial report of the Moto 360, Motorola’s brand new Android Wear-based smartwatch, going out-of-stock was published by Re/code, and subsequently Motorola confirmed as much. But, it didn’t just sell out on Google Play Store, where it was made available at noon EST. It quickly sold out at Best Buy’s website, and even on Motorola’s online shop. Motorola has already stated that they are working hard “on replenishing stock,” but there’s no timeframe as to when new wearables will be made available. Right now, as it stands, it looks like your safest bet to get a Moto 360, if you aren’t waiting for the $299 option later this year, is to wait until September 14 when Best Buy will start selling the device in stores for $249. Or, you could simply just wait for the online shops to replenish their stock. Did you manage to pick up a Moto 360 in time?