This comes courtesy of “evleaks” Blass, who tweeted the above image as well as a picture of phones with Droid bring:

— Blass (@evleaks) May 25, 2016 The Droid line has been a Verizon exclusive, though there’s no sign of the big “V” on these phones. It’s an early image, however, so it’s unlikely that Verizon would want to give up this particular mark. The MotoMods are picking up on the latest buzz with smartphones, performed most notably at the hardware level by the G5 ’s oject Ara. A few other case makers have sought to tack this functionality of swappable modules through accessories, that seems to be the approach from novo here. One of the modules for the novo phones is clearly some type of camera, though it’s a little unclear what the other two are. Battery enhancements are popular, the one in the middle of the pack seems to have some type of kickst on it. y this matters: The Moto Z will be the first flagship release of a Moto-bred phone from the new parent company, novo. ’ll be on h at novo Tech rld ne 9 to see it ourselves give hs-on impressions of the latest iteration in Motorola’s hardware.