Standing out as a launcher isn’t easy – there are 100s of them. While customization is one of the key features that most of them provide, they usually fail to provide some good utility. Microsoft introduced its “Continuum” with its Nokia 950 back in the day and they want to bring in something similar to this launcher – a concept that is alien to a launcher where certain supported files can be projected onto the PC from the phone via a launcher! And its called “Continue On PC” based on their famous “Fluent” design concept. From pulling icons to the phone’s home screen to continuing working on, say a word file, from phone to a PC, this is truly a refreshing idea. There is also something interesting when you swipe to the left from the home screen, this is something very similar to the SHELF in OnePlus’s Oxygen OS just that is it’s heavier on news feeds, along with frequent apps, contacts and ability to add more widgets. The launcher is snappy and all the smartness Arrow had is continued. We were sweetly surprised when the update notification for Arrow launcher led us directly to the new beta program with a new name with an option to sign in for the beta. You can get the launcher from Google Play store. Note: We couldn’t test out the ‘Continue To PC’ feature as it requires a Windows PC with the Windows Fall Creator’s Update