While many reports suggested the Moto X successor would be called the Moto X2 when it finally landed on store shelves this year, recently the name “Moto X+1” has stuck around, including a brief stint on Motorola’s official website in early May. But, things change, and now a new leak that reportedly showcases device listings within Verizon’s systems suggests Motorola could be foregoing any numbers at all. According to the image that was shared by Phandroid, citing an unnamed source, Motorola will be opting to go with “the new Moto X” instead of adding any numbers to the moniker. The informant goes on to say that while the internal system shows the new name pretty clearly, they have also seen the name appear on phone rebate sheets, internal documents and even cases. So, while far from official, it is looking likely that this could be the final name that Motorola has chosen for their new hero device.

The leaked system image also showcases that Verizon will be getting the 16GB and 32GB new Moto X, and that a white-front-with-bamboo back will also apparently be available in the store at some point. It looks like customers will be able to choose a 16GB or 32GB option for their Moto Maker customizations, too. Motorola recently sent out press invitations for an event on September 4, in Chicago, Illinois, that will herald the arrival of the new Moto X, along with the oft-rumored Moto G2, and more details — hopefully including a launch window — for the company’s Android Wear-based smartwatch, the Moto 360.